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No matter what your needs are, you can count on my services for the guidance and support necessary to produce a highly successful project. Each service is completely personalized and implemented in a comprehensive, professional manner to exceed your needs.

Due to client privacy, some company names, product details, and website details have been hidden.

Website redesign with the goal to add a new product line offered on the website. Update the overall design to make it more fun, add animation, and update graphics. Responsible for updating the subscription flow - with a success rate of over 400% subscription growth since new website went live.


* Parallax Animation - animation that moves with the user's scroll

* Linear Animation - background graphics snake to default position on load

Page Design Updates

* Product Description Page Redesigned to showcase spotlight ingredients and instructions to best use the different products

* Homepage redesigned to help showcase new product line, new images, and new brand style. Helped increase average session duration by providing the user easy navigation to browse further on the website. 

Product Customizer

Tasked with building a product customizer feature for a Shopify e-commerce website to allow customers to connect with a Sales Rep to further personalize their product. This required research on best in class product customizers, Sales Rep apps to integrate with the Shopify Platform, and user flows for each perspective user and how each flow will seamlessly work with each other.

Product Customizer

This a custom built feature that allows the user to further personalize their product. This included: understanding the client's goals of what aspects they wanted to offer to be personalized, the restrictions of the Shopify Platform, and discussion with the development team on how to best build it so the features is usable by the client for future editing.

Sales Rep App

Client requested to have the ability to restrict specific customizations from the average customer and require them to schedule with a Sales Rep in order to get more personalizations on their order. The goal of this is to help the customers get exactly what they want and all the information they need. With this requests, the client also wanted to offer commission based on order value for their Sales Reps. The client requested to find an app that can be integrated with the Shopify platform and their website. This required researching the Shopify App market, contacting support, and requesting customizations on the app to best fit the client's needs and desired user flows. 

User Flow

There were 3 main user flows within the custom feature.​
1) The average customer - client wanted to still offer an easy way to "Buy As Is" their products to still allow the customers to buy the product without having to schedule with a Sales Rep. This is the most minimally customized product. 

2) The Sales Rep - client wanted to have a way where only the Sales Reps had access to the additional customizations on the products, manage their clients, and track their orders. The UI of the Sales Rep user flow is based in the Sales Rep App, but they use the product customizer feature that was built on the website. 

3) Business Owner - client wanted to have the ability for the business owner to oversee the entire process and have access to everything. This required making sure they could make edits on all aspects of the feature and experience each user flow as well. 

Navigation Restructure (I.A.)

Tasked with restructuring a large product catalog (over 5,000 SKUs) with the knowledge gained through product analysis, surveys, and tree testing.


Product Analysis - exported the entire product catalog to see the quantity of each product type and the sales each product type makes. This quantitative data helped determine the main collections that would host each product type, all the way down to which product type needed it's own collection.


Surveys - Created surveys to help better understand the target audience. This helped gained qualitative data to narrow down the language that is used within the navigation, and understand the level of education the users had on the specific products that are sold.


Tree Testing - After the main structure of the navigation had been determine, we were stuck in industry jargon language that we needed to test which would be the best to use. We set up a tree test to determine the language the average user would understand. 

Due to client privacy I am unable to showcase images on my website. Please contact me to further discuss the process of this project.

Case Studies

Roasty Ghost Coffee

User Researcher / Interface Designer

Roasty Ghost Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster start-up.  Catering to home-brew coffee lovers while being a friendly, knowledgeable neighborhood roaster. 

My team created a website for the company that includes store-front, educational resources for coffee brewing and roasting, and partners with other local businesses.

Roasty Ghost Coffee (1).png

Colorado Beagle Rescue

User Researcher / Interface Designer / Project Manager

Through the University of Denver UX/UI Bootcamp we were tasked to redesign a non-profit website. My team and I chose the Colorado Beagle Rescue website. We believe a well designed, interactive website will increase the percentage of human interaction with the Beagle Rescue.


As user researchers, we wanted to understand how a website redesign will affect the interaction with the website and ultimately lead to higher rates of fostering and adoption.

CBR Mobile View 1.png

U.S. Department of the Interior

UX Researcher / UI Designer

Through the University of Denver UX/UI Bootcamp we were tasked with a responsive web redesign for a government agency.


This included researching the UI pain points the users experience while interacting with the website, IA structure research. 

Once research was collected and analyzed, to create a new homepage design with the updated navigation structure.

DOI mobile homepage.png

Want to see more?

Due to respecting client privacy, not all projects, designs, and work are listed here. If you are interested in seeing my other work, please contact me for further discussions.

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